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Women’s Initiative

Two women are sitting on a couch engaged in conversation. One woman is wearing a pink sweater and gesturing with her hand, while the other woman, wearing glasses and a cream-colored sweater, listens attentively. A table with tea cups and a plate of snacks is in front of them.

Retirement Tax Strategies for Women

Saving for retirement is challenging no matter who you talk to. So why have a separate set of retirement tax strategies for women? It is true that both men and women are subject to the same IRS rules. They have similar resources and savings tools at their disposal. However, different life circumstances can make saving for retirement different for women. Our SYM Financial Women’s Initiative leader, Michelle Hipskind, puts it best. “Women have a tough

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A woman in a white sleeveless top is engaged in conversation, gesturing with her hands and holding a notebook and pen. She is seated among other people in a conference or meeting setting, with light-filled windows in the background.

Key Estate Planning Documents and Tips for Women | SYM Financial

At some point in life, every woman will have to consider the family’s estate planning documents. Whether through a divorce, a death in the family, or a decision to not get married, leaning on someone else to think through the estate plan is simply not an option for many of our clients. And even for those who are happily married and who could delegate these decisions to their significant other, having some level of understanding

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A man sits in a deck chair, observing the scene as a woman stands with a spoon and fork, feeding their child who is seated in a highchair. This depiction perfectly encapsulates the sandwich generation, balancing caring for both young children and overseeing family activities.

Sandwich Generation: Creating the Right Support Team

In a national study of Sandwich Generation Women, creating a good support team as soon as possible was identified as an important key to helping an individual successfully navigate this challenging stage of life.   Key Team Members Financial Advisor  There are many varieties of financial advisors and their differences are significant.   Our study of Sandwich Generation Women revealed a strong preference for a fiduciary wealth manager who acts as a “quarterback,” coordinating all advisors on

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An older couple stands outdoors, smiling and looking into the distance. The man, wearing glasses and a gray zip-up sweater, has his arm around the woman, who has short white hair and is wearing a navy blue top. They appear content and carefree, perhaps enjoying their golden years with the peace of mind that Medicare provides. A grassy landscape and hills are in the background.

An Introduction to Medicare

At some point, we will all need to learn about Medicare, its associated programs, and terminology. Take this opportunity to review your own knowledge, or forward to a friend or coworker.  We’re always pleased to hear from you, so reach out with any questions. Medicare Defined Medicare is a national health insurance program offered by the federal government to provide health care insurance to certain individuals. Those eligible include people aged 65 and older, younger

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