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5 Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

Imagine that someone you know was diagnosed with a lifelong disease. Or perhaps they ended up at a hospital and in need of lengthy care and recovery. Your first thought would probably be, “I hope they will be OK!” Unfortunately, for many families, the very next thought is, “How will we pay for this?”  That may sound unlikely to you now, especially if you are healthy. But the reality is that seven out of ten

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Executive Decisions- Finding Contentment As A Retired Financial Advisor with Fred Helfrich (podcast)

Fred Helfrich is a retired Certified Financial Planner who formerly worked for SYM Financial Advisors. He worked for the financial advisory firm for over an impressive 41 years. As a financial planning expert, Fred has mastered the art of wealth management, investments, estate planning, and financial advice. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Hanover College and earned his CFP in 1986 from the College for Financial Planning. Since retiring in 2021, Fred has

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Balancing Financial Planning for College with Other Goals

Are you planning to help your children with getting a degree someday? Financial planning for college has become a big priority for many American households. However, with education expenses on the rise, the total price tag may be much larger than you think. The average cost of attending a public college is $27,330 for in-state students, $44,150 for out-of-state students, and $55,800 for a private school per year.[1] Add to that other major expenses like

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Owner’s Corner – Maximizing Value and Optimizing Outcomes when Selling your Business with Doug Conner and Alex Shortle (podcast)

Over the last 30 years, Doug Conner has been buying and selling lower-to-middle-market businesses in the Midwest. During this time, he has also worked as the Managing Director at Periculum Capital Company and the Principal at BrightPath Capital and Cardinal Ventures. Doug holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics from DePaul University and received his Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Alex Shortle has spent the bulk of his career supporting

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Taxation of Stock Options and Other Mistakes to Avoid

Stock options are often used as an incentive for key employees and executives. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook received a $3 million salary in 2021, which may seem relatively small given the enormous value of the company. But the full scope of his compensation package becomes clearer when you also consider he was awarded $82.3 million in stock options [1]. Stock options aren’t just for household names. Companies of many sizes use incentive stock

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Medicare Planning for Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide

Why does Medicare remind us of Swiss cheese? Because it has many, many holes. Especially for those who have not properly researched their healthcare options before signing up for a program. Jokes aside, Medicare planning for retirement is a serious matter. It can be confusing and daunting. Our team at SYM Financial has covered the basics of Medicare before, so today’s article will briefly review the structure of the program before diving into the most

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