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Do Not Fear the Bubble

Does the massive run-up in stocks have you concerned? It’s OK to nod your head. The fact is that many people are worried as we head into the 2021 holiday season. The MSCI ACWI index, which measures the global equity market, has almost doubled since March 2020 (Exhibit 1). This has some investors (and TV pundits) exclaiming that the stocks are officially in a bubble. Fear-mongers often look at trailing returns in isolation — then

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The Role of Pensions in Planning for a Retirement

Financial security in retirement is an important target for most working-age adults. There are many ways to reach that goal. An employer-sponsored retirement plan often comes in the form of a defined contribution plan, where employees contribute pre-tax or Roth dollars from their paycheck to a retirement account and select the investment optionsto help grow the balance. Many employers offer to match a certain level of contributions to encourage participation in the plan (and to

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How to Avoid a Large Tax Bill: Withhold Taxes from Social Security Benefits

Social Security Considerations Have you elected Social Security benefits? Although some Americans pay zero tax on Social Security benefits, many are subject to income tax on a portion of benefits, with a maximum of up to 85% of benefits paid. If you receive other sources of income (such as wages, interest, dividends, IRA distributions, and pensions), you may be surprised to find out your total income can result in a higher portion of Social Security

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Retirement Plan Fees: I’m paying how much to who for what?

In 2007 and 2011, AARP conducted surveys in an effort to understand just how much 401(k) participants knew about the fees associated with their retirement plans. The results were alarming and showed a wide discrepancy between savers’ expectations and the reality of their 401(k) plan costs. Do 401(k) retirement plans charge fees? The first survey found that 71% of participants believed they didn’t pay any 401(k) fees at all.  Another 6% said they didn’t know

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Prepared…To Do Nothing

These last weeks, we’ve had more than our usual share of time to ourselves. There’s a lot happening in the world right now – and not a lot for us to do. This combination of an unsettled world plus leisure time can be a recipe for disaster. The extra thinking time may lead us to come up with new entries to add to our “worry wall.” Perhaps your retirement plan has made that list. With

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The SECURE Act and Your Retirement Savings

Last week, President Trump signed legislation containing sweeping changes to the ways Americans will save and plan for retirement. The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community up for Retirement Enhancement Act) puts several provisions in place to strengthen retirement savings strategies. We expect nearly all of our clients to be impacted by this significant legislation and want to inform you of some of its key components. Key Components that Affect Retirement Savings Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

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