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A Good Financial Advisor Extends Well Beyond the Portfolio

Particularly during challenging times in the market, it can be easy to forget that the end goal of comprehensive planning goes well beyond choosing investments. Investors who keep a critical eye to their portfolio may sometimes overlook other, more subtle indicators along the path to long-term financial success. These contributions are less quantifiable on a quarterly performance statement, but valuable nonetheless. Cost-effective investment implementation: When measured against overall wealth, the costs associated with investments may

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Get This Right! 401(k) Beneficiaries

Once you meet the eligibility requirements for your employer’s retirement plan, you have the opportunity to start contributing toward your financial future. This milestone also ushers in a number of important decisions. There are exciting choices such as how much to contribute, the selection of pretax or Roth deferrals, and how your money should be invested. There are also more sobering choices such as who should be designated as beneficiary when you pass away. Saving

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Where’s my stuff? Digital Assets and your Estate Plan

“Honey, where did you put that frequent flyer statement/prescription list/photo from last week’s company picnic – you know… where do you keep our stuff?” It used to be we would answer that question by pointing to a file cabinet, junk drawer, bookcase, or pile of papers: “Look over there.” But thanks to new technology, the answer is no longer that simple. Now, we might just as readily point to our laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Our most

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