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Retirement Plans

Cover of the podcast "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." Episode 20 features corporate executive Ed Mohr. The design includes an abstract white arrow on a green background, symbolizing growth and direction.

Balancing Growth and Experience with Ed Mohr

Ed Mohr is the retired Vice President of Total Rewards at Whirlpool Corporation, a Fortune 200 company specializing in home appliances. With a background in HR, manufacturing, and logistics, Ed has accumulated 29 years of experience in various roles. In his current position, he is accountable for executive compensation, broad-based compensation, global mobility, benefits, health, wellness pensions, and 401 k plans globally. As a member of the Global Senior HR Leadership Team, he plays a

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Logo featuring the text "SYM Investment Fundamentals Part 2." Above the text, there is a stylized hand placing colored blocks in a grid, symbolizing strategic stock market planning.

Investment Fundamentals Part 2. Our Marvelous Markets.

In our last piece, we wrote about how recency bias can damage your investments by causing current crises to loom large, while rewriting your memories of past challenges. Recency tricks us into overpaying during heady times, and bailing at bargain rates, when our confidence fades. One of the best ways to combat recency bias is by focusing instead on the fundamentals that have served investors well for centuries, if not millennia. In this series, we’ll

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Image of the U.S. Capitol building against a clear blue sky with the text "THE SECURE ACT 2.0" written on the right side.

What’s in the SECURE 2.0 Act?

How will the Secure 2.0 Act affect your retirement? The original SECURE Act was signed into law on December 20th, 2019. Its “sequel,” the SECURE 2.0 Act, was just enacted at year-end on December 29th, 2022. Both pieces of legislation seek to reform how Americans prepare for retirement while juggling current spending needs. How, when, or will each of us retire? How can government incentives, regulations, and safety nets help more people safely do so—or

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A hand writes "401(K) PLAN" in red marker on a whiteboard. Below the text are the numbers 1, 2, and 3, indicating a list. The SYM Financial Advisors logo, with green text and a leaf graphic, is displayed at the bottom left, promoting their expertise in 401k plans for business.

3 Reasons to Provide an Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

As open enrollment approaches, you may be wondering if it’s time to add a retirement plan to your employee benefits package. Or, you might simply want to provide more information about what is currently available to your employees. While employer-sponsored retirement plans offer numerous benefits to employees, there are some serious benefits to focus on from the employer’s perspective. When it comes to retirement plans, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

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Image of Tom Ackmann, Senior Retirement Plan Advisor at SYM Financial Advisors, smiling. A quote reads, "Understand that as your business evolves, your retirement plans evolve, too." Branding in top left corner reads "The Owner's Corner.

Retirement Plans and How to Make Them Work with Tom Ackmann (podcast)

Tom Ackmann is a principal and senior retirement plan advisor at SYM Financial Advisors, an RIA firm with a long history of serving plan sponsors and their employees. He previously worked as the Vice President of Baden Retirement Plan Services and the Vice President for Ascensus. At SYM, Tom leads a team that advises over 100 corporate clients and 10,000 participants. Tom holds a degree in Communications/Political Science from Concordia University Chicago. Tom joins me

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Two 3D human figures are depicted; the one on the left holds a red X, while the one on the right holds a green checkmark. Below them, text reads "ELIGIBLE OR NOT???" suggesting a comparison or decision-making scenario regarding eligibility.

How 401k Eligibility Changes with The SECURE ACT

Background on 401k Eligibility Prior to the passage of the SECURE Act, employers could exclude long-term part-time employees (LTPT employees) that worked fewer than 1,000 hours per year from employer 401k contributions.  This was done by implementing a one year of service waiting period requirement.  The “one-year service” was defined as a 12 consecutive month period where the employee worked at least 1,000 hours. How 401k Eligibility Changes with The SECURE Act The SECURE Act

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