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Executive Decisions – Moving Forward In Business Amidst the Pandemic with Jenni Wendt (podcast)

Jennifer “Jenni” Wendt is the Global Director of Strategic Planning and Business Analysis at Dow, a sustainable materials science company that sells products in the packaging, mobility, infrastructure, and consumer care industries. Jenni is responsible for generating strategic plans that support the company’s capital planning and corporate strategy. Jenni also has oversight of Enterprise Working Capital, with a special focus on managing the risks related to $5-billion investments in trade account receivables.

Jenni joins me today to discuss her role and core responsibilities at Dow. She describes her early work experience and what she learned from working with a variety of finance companies. She explains why she preferred to pursue a career in finance over legal and the risks she took to get to where she is today. Jenni also shares her thoughts on financial advisors, her favorite authors and books, and what she enjoys doing when she’s not working.

“It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Learning to be uncomfortable can be really powerful and can open a lot of doors.” – Jenni Wendt

This week on Executive Decisions:

  • Jenni’s role at Dow and her strategic expertise
  • Jenni’s professional experience and the time she worked on a farm
  • Jenni’s key takeaways from her first job as an executive
  • What it means to know how to use your voice
  • How Jenni identified her passion for finance
  • Why Jenni made the change from legal to finance
  • The life-changing risks Jenni took in her career
  • Jenni’s advice to young professionals that are afraid to take risks
  • Jenni’s most significant takeaway from 2020 and other life lessons
  • What Jenni finds rejuvenating outside of the office
  • Jenni’s favorite books and authors
  • Jenni’s thoughts on hiring financial advisors

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Keep your eyes open to everything, don’t come in with preconceived notions. You’re not too good to do anything.” – Jenni Wendt
  • “That ‘can do’ attitude usually produces great opportunities for people.” – Sarah Delahanty
  • “You enjoy what you do because you enjoy the people you’re doing it with.” – Sarah Delahanty

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