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A middle-aged man with short hair and glasses, wearing a blue blazer over a white shirt, is shown on the cover art for a podcast titled "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The text includes "Todd Davis, PeekMed, Ind Board Member." The logo of SYM Financial Advisors is at the bottom.

From Airplanes to Orthopedics: Leadership Lessons Learned Along the Journey with Todd Davis

In today’s episode of Executive Decisions, host Sarah Delahanty sits down with Todd Davis who shares his rich career history from building airplanes to his executive career in the orthopedic industry. Todd reflects on his journey from managing older union workers while still in his 20’s to his transition into executive leadership roles. He emphasizes the importance of work ethic, persistence, and building relationships, sharing valuable insights from his experiences. Todd also discusses his post-executive

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A Holistic Approach to Professional and Personal Development with Dr. Drew Flamm

In today’s episode of Executive Decisions, host Sarah Delahanty sits down with Dr. Drew Flamm, President of Grace College & Seminary, to explore the formative experiences that shaped his leadership path and the value of embracing a spectrum of opportunities. Dr. Flamm shares personal stories of early financial discipline, the impact of mentorship on his career, and the significance of lifelong learning in both personal and professional realms. Through anecdotes and advice, the conversation delves

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A man in a business suit with short, gray hair smiles at the camera. Text reads "Tim Early, CEO DreamOn Group" and "SYM Financial Advisors Executive Decisions, A Podcast for Business Leaders in the Medical Device Industry" on a green and purple background.

From Pacemakers to Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Medical Device Industry with Tim Early

In this episode: In this episode of Executive Decisions, guest hosted by Seth Whicker, guest Tim Early, CEO of DreamOn Group, shares his insightful journey from an early career decision to move from New York to Florida, leading to a pivotal role in the medical device industry with Cordis Corporation. Tim reflects on his educational transitions, notably from West Point to Rochester Institute of Technology, and his shift from accounting to packaging engineering, emphasizing the

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Cover of the podcast "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." Episode 20 features corporate executive Ed Mohr. The design includes an abstract white arrow on a green background, symbolizing growth and direction.

Balancing Growth and Experience with Ed Mohr

Ed Mohr is the retired Vice President of Total Rewards at Whirlpool Corporation, a Fortune 200 company specializing in home appliances. With a background in HR, manufacturing, and logistics, Ed has accumulated 29 years of experience in various roles. In his current position, he is accountable for executive compensation, broad-based compensation, global mobility, benefits, health, wellness pensions, and 401 k plans globally. As a member of the Global Senior HR Leadership Team, he plays a

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Cover of "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The background is green with abstract white and gray designs. An upward-pointing arrow is highlighted. Text includes "EP17" and "David Floyd.

Embracing Change and Taking Risks With David Floyd

David Floyd is an “actively retired” medical technology executive, now serving as a board member and advisor in healthcare and life sciences. During his 33-year career as a medical technology executive, David has served as a President and CEO, board member, advisor, and consultant for organizations including OrthoWorx, Abbott Spine, and AxioMed Spine Corporation. He has a background in finance, marketing, and technology, and has helped develop transformational strategies and initiatives that have delivered accelerated

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Green and white cover art for the podcast "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The image features abstract arrows signifying growth and progress. Text: "EP14 Holly Miller.

Community Leadership in Times of Turmoil with Holly Miller

Holly Miller is the CEO of United Way of Midland County in Midland, Michigan. She is an integral part of the community and is in leadership positions for many teams and collaborative groups. Her work with the Rotary Contemporary View Club, Midland Business Alliance, Health and Services Council, and Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition helps improve lives and bring people together. She is a graduate of Lansing Community College at Kendall and Kendall School of Design

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