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Podcast cover art for "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The background features abstract, swirling white lines on a green gradient with a yellow arrow pointing upwards. Text reads "EP14 Tactical Stock Options and Executive Compensation.

Tactical Stock Options: Where Should You Invest in the Coming Year?

Stock season is upon us, but what does that mean? It’s the time of year when many executives receive compensation in the form of stock options, incentive stock, restricted stock, or performance stock. Here at SYM Financial, we work with some of the best executives, and we have a quick word of advice we want to share in preparing for stock season. You’ve spent the previous year making decisions for your company’s bottom line, and

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Cover art for the podcast "Executive Decisions: A Podcast for Business Leaders." The background features dynamic, abstract white lines on a green backdrop, symbolizing corporate work culture. "EP13 Mauro Gregorio" is positioned at the bottom, with an upward-pointing arrow incorporated in the design.

The Secret to a Successful Business Culture with Mauro Gregorio (podcast)

Mauro Gregorio joins me to describe Dow’s corporate work culture, diversity and inclusion program, and welcoming atmosphere. He recounts his first job and responsibilities at Dow and what he learned while holding an entry-level position. He explains the importance of humility, asking for help, and ensuring someone is there to help. Mauro also discusses how the pandemic initiated changes in the workplace—particularly in how we work—and how it disrupted the way we value work relationships.

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Illustration of a person working at a desk with a laptop, surrounded by documents, charts, stock options, money, a phone, and a calendar. The person is typing on the laptop, indicating they are managing finances or working on data analysis.

Stock Options Strategies for Success

A deliberate and thoughtful stock options strategy can maximize your wealth by harnessing the power of a significant part of your compensation. Without the guidance of an experienced financial advisor, well-intentioned company stock option recipients are often left on their own to set options targets (triggers for exercising an option). We find that “do-it-yourself” targets are frequently based on one of the following approaches: Participate in water cooler talk about how stock prices will fluctuate

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A bar graph titled "Equity Compensation" by SYM Financial Advisors displays the executive compensation mix from 2018-2020 for named executive officers at Russell 3000 companies, with annual revenues between $25-$49.9 billion. Categories include base salary, annual bonus, stock awards, and other forms of compensation.

Understanding Equity-Based Compensation Packages: The Most Common Questions (FAQ)

Equity-based compensation is a powerful engine for wealth creation, but only if it is navigated thoughtfully and diligently. Managed improperly, it can just as easily become an engine for frustration, unease, or despair. As an executive’s career and compensation advance, there are more complexities to taxes, retirement planning, and wealth management goals to consider. Here are some of the most common questions executives have regarding the evolving terrain of their equity compensation packages: What is

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Illustration of four people working at a table, representing a team of financial advisors. One is holding a clipboard with graphs, another has sheets of data, a third has a calculator, and the fourth is using a tablet. The text discusses smart executive practices.

Key Features of Executive Compensation Packages

Whether evaluating competing offers for a new position or placement, or desiring to broaden understanding of a current package, looking at the key components of executive compensation packages can be a valuable exercise. Doing so can help ensure fair and equitable earnings are being offered and can help an executive avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can prove quite costly. It’s important for an executive to approach their compensation in the same way they might

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A man in a suit and tie stands confidently with arms crossed in front of a graphic background featuring arrows. The text reads "EXECUTIVE DECISIONS: A Podcast for Business Leaders," highlighting the journey of a corporate executive rising to the top, and includes a quote about creating an environment for feedback. The name "Sebastian Soria" is also shown.

What It Truly Takes to Rise to the Top with Sebastian Soria (podcast)

http:// Sebastian Soria is the Vice President and Total Rewards Officer at Newmont Corporation—one of the world’s leading gold, copper, silver, lead, and zinc producers. The company is notably the only gold producer in the S&P 500 Index and is recognized as a champion for ESG practices. Sebastian has over 28 years of experience in the financial industry, spending over 26 years with Dow in various leadership roles, including human resources and compensation. He holds

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