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Executive Decisions – Making The Tough Decisions For Your Business with Sharon Mortensen (podcast)

Sharon Mortensen is the President and CEO of Midland Area Community Foundation, an organization that promotes philanthropic leadership to help the local community through scholarships, charity funding, and donations to Midland area nonprofits every year. As a leader, Sharon is responsible for overseeing all operations, from proposal to execution. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Defiance College and a Master’s in Counseling from the University of Texas.

Sharon joins me today to discuss the qualities a leader must possess to make the right calls for their business. She shares her professional experience, her first real job, and why a service mentality is vital in good leadership. She explains the processes involved in making leadership decisions and how to be objective with each one. Sharon also describes how the Foundation supported its local community during the pandemic and what it takes for leaders to stay at the top of their game.

“Leadership ultimately is about service.” – Sharon Mortensen

This week on Executive Decisions:

  • Why leaders should be more curious than judgmental
  • Having a service mentality as a leader
  • The great qualities that distinguish leaders of successful businesses
  • The most important advice Sharon has received as a young leader
  • How Sharon finds success when faced with a tough decision
  • What it takes to be objective in making decisions – even if those decisions are unpopular
  • The risks Sharon deemed were worth taking
  • How the Foundation helped the local community during the height of the pandemic
  • What Sharon believes leaders should do to be at the top of their game
  • Why being a “non-profit” doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to make money
  • The myths in the world of philanthropy
  • The financial obstacles Sharon wishes people knew more about
  • Sharon’s favorite vacation spot and words of wisdom

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “In decision making, you need to find the information, come to your decision, and be solid with your decision.” – Sarah Delahanty
  • “Money doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. There has to be some action behind that to move things into a positive conclusion.” – Sarah Delahanty
  • “Curiosity carries you a long way as a leader.” – Sharon Mortensen

Connect with Sharon Mortensen:

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Executive Decisions is a show for business leaders. In each episode, host and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Sarah Delahanty sits down with executives and local experts who serve them. Together, they tackle some of the harder questions that business leaders face today. From inspiring creativity in the workplace, to managing company politics, to making the best choices with executive compensation, taxes, and lifestyle — our show delivers stories and lessons learned across many industries and lifetimes.

Email Sarah at sdelahanty@sym.com with questions, comments, and to schedule a one-on-one conversation.

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