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When Passion, Community, and Business Meet with Maggie Browning

Maggie Browning is the Franchise Partner of the Burn Boot Camp locations at Fishers and Zionsville, Indiana. Burn Boot Camp is a network of fitness facilities that envisions a world where women love themselves today and are inspired by who they’ll be tomorrow. Before working with Burn Boot Camp, Maggie worked as the Deltek Systems Analyst at Walker Consultants and the Project Administrator at McShane Construction Company. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration from Bradley University.


Maggie joins me today to discuss the advantages and challenges of being a franchise owner. She explains how she knew it was time to expand to another location and why the integration of family and work is critical to the success of any business owner. She describes how her most successful employees are former members of the gym and how her background in entrepreneurship helped her navigate the challenges of purchasing a gym franchise amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Maggie also highlights how getting involved in local communities empowers Burn Boot Camp’s messaging and marketing and underscores why passion and purpose are essential foundations of any business.


“Go into business doing something you’re passionate about because it’s going to come into every crevice of your life in ways that you don’t expect.” – Maggie Browning


This week on The Owner’s Corner:


  • Maggie’s background and Burn Boot Camp’s history and mission
  • Creating an economy of scale and the different factors Maggie considered in choosing a new location for a franchise
  • Finding the right leaders and team members for your company
  • The importance of using your passion as the foundation of your business
  • The difference between work-life balance and work-life integration
  • The challenges Maggie encountered at the beginning stages of being a franchise owner
  • How being a part of a franchise helps with expanding to other locations
  • Why owning and running a business is a family affair
  • How the Burn Boot Camp community relied on each other during the pandemic
  • Maggie’s marketing principles for Burn Boot Camp
  • A day in the life of Maggie Browning and how she balances her time between family and business


Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “Find something you’re passionate about that you’re going to love and it will feel not like coming into work, but like an extension of who you are.” – Seth Whicker
  • “When I say that a business is a family affair, I don’t mean all family members work in the business. It means you need to have the support of the entire family to make the business work.” – Seth Whicker
  • “The number one tip to business owners is to surround yourself with people better than you and you will always be alright.” – Maggie Browning


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