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Empowering Young Women: Life Lessons from Softball with Coach Erin Ehler


Meet Erin Ehler, head coach of the Huntington University Women’s Softball program. Listen in while she and Michelle talk about the challenges facing young women today and how we can empower them to be independent, confident and successful individuals. Erin speaks with experience having played college softball for a Division 1 program and earned the title of Miss Indiana Softball while in high school.

Today, Erin coaches young women in the sport and in life drawing parallels to the education and development Michelle provides women with their money. Hear them talk about the challenges and dangers of comparison in today’s social media world. 

Erin sets a stellar example of turning her passion into a career while remaining dedicated to her family and incorporating her love for teaching.

We discuss her journey from a determined Division I athlete to a compassionate college coach, overcoming obstacles on and off the field and instilling invaluable life lessons in her players along the way. Erin sheds light on the profound impact social media and the culture of comparisons have on young athletes. With her Softball Barn becoming a symbol of dedication and values, Erin is influencing a generation of women in Huntington, Indiana. 

“When you start going through the trials and tribulations of being an athlete, you realize it’s so much bigger than just softball.” – Erin Ehler

This week on The EmpowHER Podcast:

  • What do a college softball coach and financial advisor have in common?
  • How do you marry your passion with your income?
  • How comparison is your worst enemy (in life, sports, and even finance).
  • Where do you go when you get stuck?
  • Advice for young women in sports.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “I just found a passion for the game, and I think when you find a passion for something, you just want to keep doing it.” – Erin Ehler
  • “There’s so many things that are challenging young women today” – Michelle Hipskind
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy, whether that’s with my college team, or I have a young girl who comes in the barn.” – Erin Ehler

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The EmpowHER Podcast is a platform for women to come together to gain financial insight and strategies with a tribe of brilliant women. This show is brought to you by Financial Advisor Michelle Hipskind, CFP ®. Michelle educates on the many important aspects of financial planning and brings in additional professionals that provide advice in their areas of expertise, giving listeners access to the appropriate professionals that can help solve the problems many women face. In-person events are held in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. In addition to the podcast, local events, webinars and blogs are available for all women who want to be part of the EmpowHER community.

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