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Understanding Hidden Nuggets within the SECURE Act

We have a quick tactical nugget for you on this latest episode of the EmpowHER podcast. In this episode, Michelle Hipskind focuses on dissecting the changes brought about by the 2019 SECURE Act, with particular emphasis on the elimination of the “stretch IRA,” which imposes a 10-year limit for withdrawals for those inheriting IRA accounts. However, the podcast also sheds light on exceptions like qualified charitable distributions for beneficiaries close to 70 and a half years old.


“Let’s say that you are 65. A parent or an aunt, uncle, someone older than you passes away and leaves you an IRA account or funds from an IRA account. Because you have 10 years to empty that account and you are less than 10 years from 70 and a half, you are allowed to take qualified charitable distributions from that money.” – Michelle Hipskind


This week on The EmpowHER Podcast:

  • Understanding the SECURE Act
  • Hidden nuggets within the SECURE Act
  • Examples of these hidden nuggets in action

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